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We are informing you that the Dávid Társas Lawer’s Office attained the accredited advisory title through the New Széchenyi Project. We are allowed to provide consultation in the field of „legal work” (legal, TEÁOR:6910) in every region from 9th March, 2012 to 31th December, 2013 in the scope of the Enterprise Consultation Program (DAOP-1.1.2- 10, DDOP-1.1.2-10, ÉMOP-1.1.2-10. ÉAOP-2009-1.14, KDOP-1.4.1-10, KMOP-2009-1.5.1, NYDOP-1.2.1-10). The registration identity code: ROP- VTSA-2011-0842.

The essence of the Enterprise Consultation is that the private and medium-size enterprises can get assistance for development to use enterprise advisory services and they can be partly freed from the advisory prizes.

If you want to get assistance you have to apply and the process of this is the following.

Identify the advisory demand and choose the accredited consultant (in our way this is legal consultation and the Dávid Társas Lawer’s Office) → registration on the website of this program ( → enter into an advisory contract → fill in the application form in the system → mail the application form (address: OTP Bank Nyrt. Vállalati Tanácsadás Koordinációs Iroda, 1051 Budapest, Nádor u. 16.) → making a decision → entering into an assistance contract → fulfilling the advisory work → filling in and mailing the final documentaries → paying out the assistance.

The degree of the assistance depends on the degree of the advisory prize: from 200.000,- Ft to 2.000.000,- Ft max 50 %, from 2.000.000,- Ft to 4.000.000,- Ft max 40 % and above 4.000.000,- Ft can be max 30 %.

An applicant can enter into one contact with only one accredited consultant and only in one region and occasion in order to get assistance but the consultation can be complex involving more special fields.

I’m calling your attention that this program will last until the amount run out (in Budapest and Pest County the amount is 994.400.000,- Ft from 2011 to 2013) and at the latest third quarter of 2013 so it is practical to apply at the earliest possible moment. More information is available on the and the websites.


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