In relation to Slovakian cases, our partner is the law office of dr. Géza Sido. He’d spent many months in our office, in order to make a stronger working relationship.

Sidó Law Office

Phone: +421(0)31 270 2770
Mobile: +421(0)907 704 456

Customer reception and postal address
Komenského 856, 
Dunajská Streda 929 01, 

Opening hours
Monday to Friday, 07:00 to 17:00
You can request an appointment by phone or email.

Technical data
JUDr. Sidó Géza, ügyvéd
Szlovák Ügyvédi Kamara, engedély száma 6162
Address: Malá 13, 929 01 Dunajská Streda, Slovakia
Identification number: 42 289 572
Tax number: 1074347593