The expertise of the office among others is the followings.

Problem solving:

Dr. Gyula Dávid, founder and leader of the office achieved significant success in managing and solving certain multi level problems using his long time experience, legal practice and knowledge of people. In such cases where more than one legal field is involved, complicated human problems should be managed, solved, the experience of such an expert is very helpful. The office is a certain creative adviser in cases like these and we undertake to solve these problems until final settlement. In the past there have been cases where there were foreign and local estates in the probate of a person with dual citizenship, compensation of a foreign citizen in relation to accidents in Hungary, multi-company acquisition with bank loan, and all imaginable and unimaginable case that can happen in life.

Real estate:

We are specialized in real estate cases, including foundation of a condominium and lawsuits in relation to real estates. We developed techniques for the secure sale and purchase of real estates to be able to assure our clients that the title of a real estate will be gained. He have experience in examining various questions regarding the security, technical and tax issues of a real estate.

Foundation of a company:

In the area of company law among the foundation and termination of companies, we have significant experience in the management of operational or functional problems in a company, such as the competence and authority of officers, board of directors, supervisory board and other chief executive officers etc. We often lead members’ meetings, and administrate the issues with the court of companies.


Our office makes various contracts. After having listened to the objective of the client we go through the process, we compile the necessary tasks and the securities needed and we build them into the contact, taking into consideration the ever changing legal background and technical requirements.

Testaments, deposits:

With maximum care and protection we prepare deposit contracts and testaments. These are protected in our well protected locations and through our database and the with the aid of our internal control systems we provide the safety of each client in each case. Upon request, the last wills and testaments are going to be deposited by the registry of testaments maintained by the Hungarian Lawyer’s Bar and in the National Testament Tegistry, which is directly accessible by the notaries in case of a death.

Public procurement on bidder side:

We are dealing with public procurement cases on the bidder’s side, participating in the preparation of public procurement declarations, review of contracts and we provide support to the tenders throughout the procedure.

Law of social organizations, Labor law:

We draft documents for the establishment, modification and termination of employment. We represent both the employee and the employer side in labor law court cases. Establishment and legal representation of foundations, organizations, clubs.

Family law:

Our colleagues have long time experience in the field of family law. During a divorce or the compilation of a nuptial agreement it is very important to deal with the most sensitivity, experience and attention.