Dr. Zsófia Dávid

I was born in 1977 in Budapest, where I live ever since. My father is Dr. Dávid Gyula, founder of Dávid Társas Ügyvédi Iroda while my mother is an ecclesiastical goldsmith. After having finished Bányai Júlia Primary School, I studied at the Városmajori High School where I attended the art and visual education class. During the high school years my interest turned towards history and literature and at that time my decision on choosing legal profession became final. After finishing the high school I spent six months in the United States where I attended Santa Monica College for one semester. 

Returning to Hungary I enrolled to Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Faculty of Law and State Science and passed my final exams in 2001, with summa cum laude evaluation. During university years, I believed that thorough preparation and practical knowledge was essential for the exams, which principals I still follow. In the last year of the university I worked for then called DATAWARE Rt. now T-SYSTEMS Kft. as a legal assistant next to the assigned lawyer of the company. In this period I could gather some experience in the field company law.

My thesis I wrote about the liberalization of the Hungarian telecommunication and the main topic of the thesis was the Act on Telecommunication which was about to be passed by the Parliament at that time. The reason to my attraction to the telecommunication law was that I could become familiar with an area of law that was just being formed and following through the process of passing an act was a great experience for me.

After the university in 2001, I started to work in the telecommunication group at Köves and Partners, which was at that time member of the Clifford Chance and Pünder international law firm. The time passed at the international law firm I was lead into the global legal consultancy and with the help of the English colleagues I could gain deeper knowledge in the English legal language. 

When a year was spent at Clifford Chance I decided to move to our family law firm instead of the international carrier. The main reason behind this was the fact that my father had become Member of Parliament, thus his work as a lawyer became second task behind official duties and he needed new colleagues. Second reason for the change was that I preferred working with cases that are diverse and reflect the changes in business transactions and private relations to dealing with the official cases of a multinational giant companies. 

I work at Dávid Társas Ügyvédi Iroda since 2002 as a trainee lawyer and since 2005 as a lawyer. In 2012 I became leading partner of the firm. Most of my works consists of company related legal matters (drafting and considering contracts, establishments, transactions, change of statutes) and real estate related legal cases (sale and purchase, lease, administration of condominiums, constructional issues) and sometimes I deal with family matters (child custody, nuptial agreements, division of common property) 

I always prefer to close deals with amicably accepted agreements to court trials and even if this is not possible or not effective enough, my primal and most important effort is to pursue a correct, faultless and legally conform procedure in an effective way. 

I am fluent in English and intermediate in German. I love and play all kinds of sports and enjoy traveling but I love spending my time at a classical concert or in an art related event as well.