Dr. Gyula Dávid

I have been a lawyer for more than thirty years. My career started at the Lawyer Community number 11 in a nice district of Budapest, called Újpest. As a beginner, Imre Török, Lajos Kéri, Péter Takács and all my colleagues introduced me to the world of law by making me work very hard and facing different problems and the difficult life of the clients. I spent seven years in Újpest and it was a lifelong experience.

Later on, in 1983 I decided to move from Újpest to Buda, where I was born. With the helping hands of my sister and professor György Bárándy (being my ideal that time) from time to time I managed to deal with more and more difficult cases. Those seven years I spent there, was a determining chapter in my life, I grew up and became a lawyer I could say. I realized that not only the theory of law but understanding and seeing the point of the problems of my clients is even more important. Whether I was able to and dared to give the correct answers to their questions. To choose the right way even if the client does not really agree sometimes.

By the end of the '80s I was dreaming about starting my own business, to fulfill all the expectations and to find those colleagues I can perfectly cooperate with. In 1991 I and two friends of mine managed to establish the Dávid and Partners Law Office.

It was the decade of hard working, growing and improving. Besides the usual cases we had the opportunity to deal with cases having high litigated amount, we had an exclusively high number of clients. Beside an important real estate agency we had many cases in front of civil courts, we improved our knowledge in the field of company law and we had wide-ranging cases including cases of public administration law and of personality rights. Year by year the office accessories were upgraded. While visiting couple of cities like London, Los Angeles, Munich or Vienna, we tried to experience as much as we could of the high standards of being a lawyer. During these 20 years having around 90 colleagues such as lawyers, attorney candidates, legal assistants or other makes us very proud of our business.

Nowadays, my mature and hardworking daughter, Zsófi manages the office. She is one of those lawyers I would trust as a client as she has perspicacity and preparedness and she is completely committed to her profession. I’m truly proud of her. Karolin Bálint who is professional in company law and civil law, Niki Godó, Mária Filep and Ádám Hosszú are all very important parts of our „machinery”, they are all keys to the secret of our success. They are not only my colleagues but friends too.

From 2002 to 2006 I was a Member of Parliament. These four years were one of the highlights of my career to see all the methods of the legislation. I did not reach any significant result but I was doing my best to learn and to help and to be instrumental in the proper process of legislation. I'm very proud of it.

At this time I realized that though it was an honor to be a Member of Parliament I was still a lawyer, I needed the daily interaction with my clients I was in need of daily success, thus in 2006 I decided to be a full-time lawyer again. In 20 years the world has changed a lot, more and more complicated acts are passed and all fields of life are overcontrolled. Before I could figure out how a case ended up but now I'm rather careful because there are too many options and whatever can happen. I still truly believe in this profession and I think it's the part of everyday life since the continuous consultation, the adequate preparation and preliminary risk assessment during business or private decisions are essential in every field of life. By being in no need of lying to my clients I have reached the highest level of freedom that a lawyer may just have. However the economy at present is in crisis that makes us be more saving I am still determined to remain straight to my clients. Once having examined the case carefully I wish to reveal my true opinion instead of flattering with false hopes. It requests a high level of responsibility but it also gives the pleasure of tranquility, peace and clean conscience. I do not know how long I will be able to go on this way but at present I still can do it.

'm over 60, was a professional water polo player for 20 years. I am in good health and family is the most important for me, my wife and 6 children who share all the happiness and sorrow with me. I often take long walks and during the summer I like spending time with my wife and friends on a sailboat. At weekends when we are all together I usually play chess with the children. I feel really good being joyful, honest and faithful.

Should anyone being in need of our assistance, we are at disposal.