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Godó Nikoletta

ImageI was born in 1984 in Kunhegyes in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County as the first child of a hard working couple. My little sister, Brigitta was born in 1987. Spending my childhood at Abádszalók near Tisza-lake, I went to Kovács Mihály Elementary School. During these years I won so many competitions of history, Hungarian literature and maths and I took part in the student association too. I even had vocational training in student law. By the age of 14 it was clear to me that I was engaged to the art subjects and this fact had a strong effect on choosing my career.

I moved to Szolnok, capital of the county to continue my studies as a social scientist at Tiszaparti High School. Due to the high numbers of Hungarian grammar and literature and history lessons I was keep on winning the competitions with my mates. I was living in hostel that time that brought many changes in my life.

Moving to Budapest in 2003 first I was studying as a legal assistant at Athéné High School. Got the certificate in 2005 and immediately got the job at Dávid and Partners Law Office. Started as a legal assistant and now I am an office secretary too.

Besides work studying has a high importance in my life, thus in 2006 I decided to apply for Corvinus University and got my certificate of public administration assistant in 2009.

I am the legal assistant of Zsófia Dávid Dr. since I have started and we make the perfect team I have to say. As all my colleagues said before, communication is the most important part of our job. To make the clients feel welcome, to be in daily contact with them and to advise them of their cases.

I am determined to help the lawyers’ work to the best of my best abilities in order to have the cases solved the fastest and most effective way.

Due to the wide range of cases I am able to meet the different fields of law every day. My widest experience is in company law that means drafting and electrically submitting deeds of companies and controlling the company registration proceedings.

I also perform assistance in real estate transfers as the preparation of sale and purchase agreements and other relevant documents is one my tasks. Another important field of my work is the tasks of collection of claims of companies that includes preparation of request for payment, payment warrant and executable document.

Furthermore I do my best to meet the professional requirements of the lawyers on every field of law.

As I have always been engaged to self-development and studying I am planning to get the certificate of science of law in the future, live and learn.


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